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Психологические аспекты педагогической деятельности

Publication date: 04.10.2016
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Oksana V. Berngardt , candidate of philological sciences , доцент
Elena V. Orlova , старший преподаватель
FSBEI of HE "Yaroslavl State Medical University of Healthcare Ministry of Russia" , Ярославская обл

«Features of the model structure of thesaurus of speech among bilingual children»

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One of the urgent problems of modern linguistics and intercultural communication is a lexicographical description of speech in conjunction with its peculiar cultural background. This problem is solved by creating a vocabulary that reveals the child's world through language. This bilingual child has never been the object of lexicographing and linguocultural analysis before. The selected approach to the study of speech features of bilingual children is stipulated by the role of cultural background in the system of language means reflecting the specific perception of life conditions in several cultures at the same time. For the first time the authors developed a model describing lexicographical vocabulary of bilingual child speech. The main method of collecting material was questionnaires.