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Педагогика общеобразовательной школы

Publication date: 12.10.2016
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Elizaveta A. Izmailova , candidate of pedagogical sciences , учитель английского языка, заместитель директора по УВР
Alla E. Ktavchenko , учитель русского языка и литературы, методист
FBEI gymnasium №540 of Primorsky district , Санкт-Петербург г

«Meta concept analysis of an artwork on the lessons of the Russian and foreign literature»

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This article discusses a new approach to the methodology of teaching literature, based on the study of artistic concepts, and proposes a new method for the analysis of the artwork - meta concept analysis. The authors presented a detailed description of the implementation meta concept analysis on the example of studying the novel by Boris Pasternak "Doctor Zhivago."