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Парадигмы современного образования (различные направления)

Publication date: 19.11.2016
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Elena S. Alekseeva
Аппарат Совета Федерации , Москва г

«О необходимости медиаобразования в средней и высшей школе в условиях современной информационной войны»

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The article deals with the problem of the lack of media education of citizens and the need to introduce such a course in schools and universities in the conditions of the modern information warfare, which goal is the impact on mass consciousness with a view to its submission and enslavement in certain geopolitical goals. The author rightly raises the question of the means of protection against the manipulation with consciousness to be possessed by citizens, but since the technology of manipulation of consciousness is used by all the media and politicians, the question arises: is this profitable for the government to train its own citizens to counteract the manipulation.