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[08.00.00] Экономические науки

Publication date: 02.03.2018
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Elizaveta S. Bekmurzaeva , chief specialist
Groznenskaia gorodskaia Duma , Чеченская Респ

«Regional politics as a mechanism improving region's competitiveness»

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The article reveals the investment and innovative policy of the region. The main idea of this policy is to provide the forces of social mechanisms of innovative and reproductive development based on the use of the region’s competitive advantages and, first of all, on building up its investment and innovation potential. The development of the main directions of the regional policy, taking into account the conditions and achievements of the region, can provide an opportunity to concentrate the region's resources in breakthrough directions of development, repeatedly increase innovation and investment activity, improve the quality of state regulation and management of the region that will ensure its competitiveness.


Publication date: 09.12.2016
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Evgeniy V. Frank , candidate of economic sciences
FSBEI of HE “Samara State Technical University” , Самарская обл

«Universities and innovative development of the region»

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According to the author, the strategic goal of the University lies in the development of innovative potential of the region in the development of the industrial complex, and the training of qualified personnel. An example of Samara State Technical University, which is a huge educational potential for students, is described in the article.