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Парадигмы современной науки (различные направления)

Publication date: 21.01.2017
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Viktor E. Zaykovskiy , candidate of economic sciences
Institute of Social and Humanitarian Technologies of FSAEI of HE "National Research Tomsk Polytechnic University" , Томская обл

«Methods of development of corporate strategy of territorial market expansion, based on principles of project management»

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Methodological approaches to areas attraction assessment were considered; actual attraction assessment models of I. Ansoff’s strategy management areas were proposed to supplement «social-image-investment environment» indicator. Attraction assessment’s criteria and parameters of new territorial market were reviewed. Methodology for risks classification, ELLIPS-PrO matrix, was proposed to assess the volatility level. Methodological approaches analysis to corporate project management system (CPMS) implementation in Russian companies was conducted. CPMS has been supplemented by the «corporate project culture» and «assure strategic compliance tools» elements.