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Publication date: 17.02.2017
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Ali Gasan ogly Aliev , doctor of biological sciences , профессор, заведующий кафедрой
Baku State University , Azerbaijan
Sabina Djabrail kyzy Mamedova , аспирант
Institute of Physiology of Azerbaijan NAS named after A.I. Garaev , Azerbaijan

«In the fetal period of prenatal ontogenesis the physical loading effect of blood components dynamic changes in hypoxianal baby rabbits»

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The influence of physical load to some blood components dynamics in 30-days baby rabbit’s blood during prenatal period was investigated by us. That’s why changes of normal and experimental rabbit puppies after short and long term physical load in some morphological indicators were explored through blood of 30-days rabbit puppies born by mothers suffered from hypoxia during fetal period of prenatal development. Significant changes occurred by comparison results from experiments on control animals with the results from experiment on experimental animal. Reduction and rising appeared in some indicators of blood elements after physical load in 30-days normal rabbit puppies blood and in 30-days rabbit puppies born by mothers suffered hypoxia during 10 days 20 minutes every day in fetal period of prenatal development. Therefore the level of blood indicators in normal and hypoxia condition depends on the condition of central nervous system.