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Publication date: 12.05.2017
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Ekaterina G. Fetyukhina , candidate of biological sciences , ведущий специалист
Science and Technology Center “Silicate Materials and Technologies” , Ульяновская обл
Natalya N. Karamysheva , candidate of biological sciences , научный сотрудник
Research and Innovation Center of Biotechnology and Microbiology , Ульяновская обл
Petr A. Yakovlev , candidate of biological sciences , старший научный сотрудник
Yakov B. Mordkovich , candidate of agricultural sciences , ведущий научный сотрудник
All-Russian Plant Quarantine Center , Московская обл

«Pest control in stored products using diatomaceous earth»

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In the All-Russian Plant Quarantine Center the DEBUZZZER, dried diatomite powder of light beige color, has been presented by the Diamix Company for official testing in order to obtain the state registration of the Ministry of Agriculture. This article presents the results of laboratory studies of the DEBUZZZER preparation based on the diatomite against pests of stocks while processing wheat grain. It also shows the effectiveness of the DEBUZZZER against adult species of grain and rice weevils, their total death occurred on the 6th and 14th days accordingly, and the weight loss was up to 50%. The authors present the susceptibility to this drug by the imago of large and small meal worm, which was used to process the grain, and it caused 100% mortality on the 6th and 14th days and a decrease in the weight of test objects by 41.8 and 60.6%, accordingly. The vital activity of the larvae of the yellow mealworm beetle has decreased as a result of weight loss by 41.8%. However, the larvae remained viable and developed till pupal stage and imago despite weight loss, and death was indicated in only 6.7% of the species. The DEBUZZZER diatom powder implementation was not effective enough against the larvae of two species of Trogodermaspp.: khapra beetle and warehouse beetle, their mortality was 11.7 and 3.3% on the 20th day, accordingly. According to the authors, more frequent processing of the stored products is necessary for successful pest control.

Медицинские науки

Publication date: 30.11.2020
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Svetlana A. Kugot , студентка
Samara State Transport University , Самарская обл
Polina M. Elshina , ординатор
Olga N. Pavlova , doctor of biological sciences, docent , доцент, заведующая кафедрой
GBOU VO "Samarskii gosudarstvennyi meditsinskii universitet" Minzdrava Rossii , Самарская обл
Ol'ga N. Gulenko , candidate of biological sciences , доцент
Samara State Transport University , Самарская обл


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Blood, as the internal environment of the body, is highly reactive and instantly reacts to the effects of various factors. As a system, blood is not only a self-regulating structure, but also a complex complex of components that are included in the system and dropped out of it as “requests” from tissues and organs. The level of functional activity of the blood system can sharply increase with deviations of physiological functions from the level optimal for metabolism. The aim of the study was to study the reactive changes in the morphological composition of rat blood under the influence of black chokeberry meal as a potential source of biologically active substances.

Сельскохозяйственные науки

Publication date: 24.08.2016
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Maxim S. Jujin , аспирант
GBOU VO "Nizhegorodskii gosudarstvennyi inzhenerno-ekonomicheskii institut" , Нижегородская обл

«Application of device introducing powdered preservative in grain whole production of canned flattened barley of increased moisture»

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The author of this article marks that to introduce a variety of chemical and biological preservatives different dosing pumps are used, drugs are pre-diluted or dissolved in water. Since working with acids is associated with a certain risk, the countries of Europe, where the majority of forage is harvested by silage, switched to the dry form of preservative. In Russia, the introduction of dry preservative is constrained due to lack of technical means to introduce them. For this reason, cheap preservatives, such as sulfur powder, application it is not widely known. To solve this problem we created a contact device for metered introduction of powdered preservative.

Технические науки

Publication date: 17.02.2017
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Polvon R. Sharipov , учитель
Nasiba M. Ibragimova , учитель
Durdona S. Matchanova , учитель
Shakhlo K. Aitova , учитель
Urgench State University , Uzbekistan

«The program defining the quantity of added ingredients in the meal»

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The article presents the program “Chemical composition of food” in Microsoft Excel. Necessary indicators of the program are the theoretical quantity of added ingredients in the meal. This program starts to work automatically, designating nutritional value of food and a practical percentage value of the added ingredients.