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Publication date: 20.02.2017
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Olga A. Fomicheva , candidate of jurisprudence sciences , доцент
Orsk Humanitarian and Technology Institute (Brunch) FSBEI of HE «Orenburg State University» , Оренбургская обл

«The deputies as subjects of legislative initiatives»

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The terminology practice, which is used in the legislation of constituent entities of the Russian Federation at the legislative initiative deputies right is a subject of research to the legislative authority in Russia. The article shows the analysis of legal acts of constituent entities of the Russian Federation in order to highlight a systematic approach to the organization of the legislative process at the stage of the legislative initiative by deputies in regional parliaments. The investigation of the basic concepts used in relation to the association of deputies in regional parliaments as a subject of legislative initiative, has allowed to formulate the conclusion about the place of the deputy and deputy groups in the mechanism of legislative initiative.