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Культурология и искусствоведение

Publication date: 10.03.2017
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Mikhail M. Kizin , candidate of art criticism , профессор
SBEI of HE “Moscow A. Shnittke Music Institute” , Москва г

«Classic romance in electronic arrangement»

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This article analyses the transformation of the performing arts of classical romance in the terms of electronic sound and performance via electronic sounds arrangements. The author focuses on the problem of synthesis of electronic sound arrangements and classical romance, offering to acquire the skills of the creative process in constantly changing conditions of live performances.


Publication date: 26.02.2022
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Kemzura Mindaugas , Student
Audrone L. Dumchene , doctor of sociological sciences, doctor of pedagogical sciences , professor
Lithuanian Sports University , Lithuania


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This research aimed to investigate the peculiarities of the emotional intelligence of basketball players of different levels of mastery. The study involved 33 average levels of mastery and 33 high levels of mastery sportsmen. The Schutte Emotional Intelligence Scale (SEIS) was used in the study. The results of this study revealed that appraisal of higher-level mastery basketball players was statistically significant (p < 05) higher than sportsmen's average level of mastery. But the optimism (p < 05) was higher for the average level of mastery players. No statistically significant differences in overall emotional intelligence estimates were found between average and higher level of mastery basketball players.


Publication date: 10.10.2016
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Eduard A. Sokalsky , старший преподаватель
FSBEI of HE "Kalmyk State University named after B. B. Gorodovikov" , Калмыкия Респ
Natalia A. Zemlyanskaya , педагог-психолог
МКОУ «Ketchenery multidisciplinary gymnasium named after H. Kosiev» , Калмыкия Респ
Olga N. Sokolova , студентка
FSBEI of HE "Kalmyk State University named after B. B. Gorodovikov" , Калмыкия Респ

«Native Kalmyk language and creative abilities of youth: interconnection and interdependence»

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This article examines the relationship of young people creative potential with the level of mastering the personal native Kalmyk language. The study, which was conducted on the basis of elite and comprehensive secondary schools of the Kalmyk schools (Kalmyks - bilinguals), revealed the title trend: the higher the level of mastery of the native Kalmyk language, the richer creative musical abilities of senior person (instrumental, vocal, dance) in Kalmyk folk music are expressed. These processes are correlated with ethnic and cultural identity of the subjects, high school students. The concept and diagnostic tools of research can be used in other regions of our country, taking into account their specific features.