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Publication date: 23.03.2017
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Vladimir N. Panov , candidate of historical sciences, docent , профессор
FSHEI "Russian Foreign Trade Academy of the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation" , Москва г

«Constituent Assembly or Soviet power: the problem of choosing the path of political development of Russia in 1917»

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The article examines the period of political struggle in Russia from February 1917 to January 1918, when it was a question of the political future of Russia. The article discusses the relations between the Provisional government and the Soviet of workers “and soldiers” deputies. Special attention is paid to the activities of the Interim government on the preparation of the Constituent Assembly and the drafting of the future Constitution of Russia. The author of the article analyzes the reasons, not allowed to implement democratic liberal-bourgeois way of development of Russia, and the victory of the Soviet model of political development.