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Актуальные направления преподавания в современной школе

Publication date: 12.04.2017
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Artiom V. Danilkevich , candidate of pedagogic sciences
MOU "Litsei 7 Dzerzhinskogo raiona g. Volgograda" , Волгоградская обл

«Формирование ИКТ-компетентности обучающихся в процессе изучения предметной области «Информатика»»

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The article presents the experience of studying of the subject "Informatics" in the context of forming information and communication competence of the future graduate of the educational institution. The study of computer science is key in the formation of information competence of students as an essential characteristic of knowledge of information processes and technologies in the training of the individual the information society, through multidimensional activities in the classroom and extracu