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Медицинские науки

Publication date: 06.07.2017
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Aleksandr L. Ivanov , candidate of psychological sciences
FGBOU DPO "Rossiiskaia meditsinskaia akademiia nepreryvnogo professional'nogo obrazovaniia" Ministerstva zdravookhraneniia Rossiiskoi Federatsii , Москва г

«Медико-психологическое сопровождение хирургической коррекции эректильных дисфункций»

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Describes the causes of erectile dysfunction, psychological and medical methods of their correction, the algorithm and the content of psychological support of patients in whom the operation was performed on indianapolisindiana, the conditions of their recovery and rehabilitation, the results of the treatment


Publication date: 02.08.2017
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Raisa I. Moiseeva
RSBEI "Boarding school for students with hearing disabilities" , Томская обл

«Parental education under modern social and economic conditions “If we're together, we can overcome anything!”»

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The article is devoted to the problem of current importance – the recognition of the crucial role of close interaction with parents in order to achieve personal, social, cognitive development of a child. The work also describes key stages of modelling technologies for cooperation enabling parents to participate in managing children’s lives and to go deeply into the essence of educational and pedagogical trends.

Философия (этика, эстетика, религиоведение, философия культуры, философии науки и др)

Publication date: 15.02.2016
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Igor V. Vishev , doctor of philosophical sciences
FSSFEI of HE "South Ural State University" (NRU) , Челябинская обл

«Современная эпоха техногенной цивилизации – время возможной победы над старением и смертью»

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The background of a solution of the problem of change of the head, especially its present stage connected first of all with names Sergio Canavero and Ren of Xiaoping, and also Elisabeth Parrish's experiment for the purpose of a victory over aging and preservation of youth is briefly considered. Thereby transition to an immortogumanizm or bessmertnichesky humanity, - consistently optimistic form of modern humanity is carried out.