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Publication date: 14.11.2016
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Tatiana I. Bukaeva , учитель-логопед
MSBEI K/g of a combined type №5 "Skazka" , Сахалинская обл

«Didactive cinquain in a speech development of senior preschool children with general speech underdevelopment»

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The modern logopedics is always searching for the ways to perfect and optimize the children’ studying and development process with different age groups and different educational conditions, which are specific for the children with special educational needs. The speech therapist’s work experience is described in this article, which is about the relevance and practicability of usage of didactive cinquain in a logopedic practice for the senior preschool children with general speech underdevelopment and it’s explained with the fact that a new technology provides more opportunities in speech development.

Publication date: 05.05.2017
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Elena A. Tyrnova , учитель-логопед
MBDOU g. Astrakhani "D/S KV 130 "Krepysh" , Астраханская обл

«Инновационные технологии в логопедической работе»

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The article is devoted to the use of innovative technologies in the teacher-speech therapist preschool educational institutions. It says that in logopedic work it is possible to combine both pedagogical and psychological and even medical technology. More detail in the article tells of two innovative technologies, namely the didactic cinquaine and mnemonics.