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[08.00.00] Экономические науки

Publication date: 02.03.2018
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Danilchenko Sergey Leonidovich , doctor of historical sciences, professor , professor, academician of RANS, Russian Academy of Medical Technology, Russian Academy of Natural History, head of Research center of education development
Sevastopol Pedagogical College named after P.K. Menkov , Севастополь г

«The influence of morality on the effectiveness of economic laws»

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The article considers the influence of morality on the effectiveness of economic laws. The thesis of "world unification" based on Western values forms the basis of a deeply racist ideology of Eurocentrism, devoid of scientific content. Western civilization is committed to the expansion and domination, and all of its ideological systems serve the expansionist aims. Science in this case disappears as a philosophical science of the laws of the country, becoming obsequious servant of the latter-day "masters of the world." In today's world there are two opposite groups of principles that drive the economy and the economy of different countries. Those are the principles of liberalism and principles of traditionalism.


Publication date: 28.04.2017
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Kozyubro Tatiana Igorevna , candidate of economic sciences , ассистент кафедры
FSBEI of HE "Kuban State Technological University" , Краснодарский край

«Равновесие экономических интересов субъектов бизнеса на примере винодельческих предприятий Краснодарского края»

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Статья посвящена процессу достижения равновесия между интересами и потребностями основных лиц, заинтересованных в процессе разработки стратегии развития винодельческого промышленного комплекса. Дана характеристика интересов основных участников формирования стратегии развития. Доказана необходимость взаимного учета интересов всех стейкхолдеров стратегии развития.