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Психолого-педагогические аспекты воспитания и обучения

Publication date: 23.11.2018
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Larisa V. Sokolova , candidate of pedagogic sciences
SEI of HE "Moscow Region State University" , Московская обл
Tamara V. Dovgonos
MBOU "NOSh 16 g. Pushkino" , Московская обл

«Organization of educational activities with younger students»

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This article raises questions of educational work in elementary school, in particular, it considers the personality-oriented approach of the teacher’s activities, discusses the forms and methods of educational activities with students


Publication date: 16.03.2018
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Tatiana I. Perovskaia , degree-seeking student , lecturer
Olga E. Kazaakova , student
Aleksandra E. Taritsyna , student
technical school of the food industry and services «the Cook» , Свердловская обл

«Regionalisms of Yekaterinburg as a new language formation»

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The article presents the main approaches to the definition of «regionalism». Thematic groups of regionalisms of Ekaterinburg: street names, monuments, educational institutions are examined. Collected regionalisms complement «the Dictionary of regionalisms» in the city of Yekaterinburg under the editorship of T.V. Popova. Regionalisms acquaint residents and visitors of Yekaterinburg with conversation, modern language.


Publication date: 04.05.2017
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Valery S. Nabiev , candidate of pedagogic sciences
FSBEI of HE "I.N. Ulyanov Ulyanovsk State Pedagogical University" , Ульяновская обл

«Индивидуальное образовательное пространство формирования компетентности как цель и результат взаимодействия участников совместного проекта»

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The author examines the characteristics of subject-subject interaction between participants of process of formation of competence in the context of the goals and objectives of the disclosure of the educational potential of the individual

[13.00.00] Педагогические науки

Publication date: 13.04.2017
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Ilia A. Chekin , candidate of pedagogic sciences
FSI of HE "Saint Petersburg Academy of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation" , Санкт-Петербург г

«Some questions on educational and role model of information support for adult education»

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The article discusses some questions on methodological basis of educational and role model implementation of information support for adult education in the context of adaptation and role resonance. The author reveals the main principles on which the process of the educational and role model realization is based. Speaking of the educational and role model individuality he stresses that sensual obviousness of the educational and role model is relative, fragmentary and it plays a support role. According to the author it is important to pay much attention to gnoseological capacity of the educational and role model during the process of information support of adult education.

Организация инновационного воспитательно-образовательного процесса

Publication date: 12.07.2023
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Ekaterina V. Shevchenko
Tatiana V. Sergeeva
Liubov V. Rakevich
Irina P. Serpikova
MBDOU "D/S 8" , Белгородская обл


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The educational process is a systematic, holistic, developing over time and within a certain system, purposeful process of interaction between adults and children, having a personality–oriented nature, aimed at achieving socially significant results, designed to lead to the transformation of personal properties and qualities of pupils.

Лингвистика и межкультурная коммуникация

Publication date: 25.10.2016
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Bayan M. Ibraeva , candidate of philological sciences
Private institution «Bolashak» , Kazakhstan

«Personal Identity versus Social Identity»

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The issue of identity always concerned humanity is discussed in the article. Traditionally, any human is born to live in a socety. However, history knows many attempts of standing out in the crowd. Even Descartes, a renowned mathematician, put himself between his gratitude to the civil society and his extraordinariness.