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Publication date: 28.04.2020
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Kseniia L. Erofeeva , doctor of philosophical sciences , professor
FSBEI of HE "Ivanovo State Power University named after V.I. Lenin" , Ивановская обл

«Vladimir Soloviev on the Mission of Art: The Modern Aspects»

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The article analyses the final lines of V. Soloviev’s work “The General Sense of Art,” correlating them with the art tendencies of the modern civilization. The author addresses Soloviev’s idea about the transforming role of art in relation to the reality, the real life. It is stated that, in the modern era, within the commercial mass culture domination, the entertaining function of art comes to the forefront. At the same time, an opposing tendency can be observed: a movement towards the all-encompassing unity, understanding of the universal, the priority of common values (the ideas of ecological ethics, common religion, non-violence). The author indicates that the dialectic negation of the negation law is manifested in the history of art, in the realization of its varied functions.

История и политология

Publication date: 27.05.2016
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Sergei V. Filatov , candidate of historical sciences , доцент
FSFEI of HE "Rostov State University of Economics" , Ростовская обл

««Фольк-хистори» – угроза репрезентативного исторического знания»

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Socio-political changes in Russia at a boundary of the XX-XXI centuries generated a "folk-histora" phenomenon as to become a component of the mass commercial culture applying the central element of historical knowledge and to force out the scientific historical theory

Педагогика профессиональной школы и СПО

Publication date: 26.10.2015
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Tamara V. Kornilova , доцент
FSBEI of HE "Plekhanov Russian University of Economics" , Москва г

«Роль гуманитарных дисциплин в условиях глобализации учебного процесса»

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The article talks about the unique opportunities for higher educational institution in opposition to the negative effects of the speech environment and the admission of students of economic specialities to the values of high culture, including literature and language

Культурология и искусствоведение

Publication date: 01.09.2017
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Elvira V. Gmyzina , candidate of cultural sciences , доцент
FSBEI of HE "Vyatka State University" , Кировская обл

«The representation of history in the era of digital media»

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The article deals with the problems associated with the representation of historical knowledge in the digital era, the role of new media in documenting the events and the peculiarities of perception of historical knowledge by a mass audience.

Publication date: 07.11.2019
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Alexandra G. Karateeva , student
Tatyana N. Adametskaya , candidate of cultural sciences , associate professor
FSBEI of HE "Nizhnevartovsk State University" , Ханты-Мансийский Автономный округ - Югра АО

«Modern Art in the Context of Mass Culture»

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The primary purpose of this article is to analyze the state of contemporary art in the context of mass culture: the phenomena of mass and elite art are characterized, the relationships between and mutual influences of various factors of mass art are determined, and the significance of the commercial aspect in the development of contemporary art is revealed.