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Общая педагогика

Publication date: 06.12.2017
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Sharipa K. Kadyrova
Kyrgyz State University named after I. Arabayev , Kyrgyzstan

«The role of the native language in learning English»

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This article is devoted to the using the first language in learning English. In the article, the author suggests two principles that should be considered whenever teachers face a problem in teaching English. The first principle is that, as a matter of professional pride, teachers should try to solve classroom problems through the application of pedagogical skills rather than through administrative or disciplinary procedures. The second principle is that most problems have a variety of causes, which to some degree reflect the variety of individuals in a class. There is, thus, likely to be a variety of solutions, and so a teacher may need to put together a package of complementary solutions rather than just try one possible solution.

Инновационные подходы организации учебной деятельности

Publication date: 23.05.2017
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Valeria E. Fedotova
FSAEI of HE "M.K. Ammosov North-Eastern Federal University" , Саха /Якутия/ Респ
Nadezhda V. Belotserkovskaya , candidate of pedagogical sciences , associate professor
Institute of Foreign Philology and Regional Studies of FSAEI of HPE "M.K. Ammosov North-Eastern Federal University" , Саха /Якутия/ Респ

«The implementation of interactive technologies during students' listening skills development at the trade and economic college»

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The article is devoted to the problem of developing listening skills in educational institutions of secondary vocational education. Listening is the most difficult kind of speech activities. This topic is becoming relevant due to the active development of the international movement WorldSkills Russia, where participants need an appropriate level of foreign language skills to communicate with clients and colleagues in various situations. In this case, developing listening skills becomes particula