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Publication date: 30.11.2015
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Tatiana V. Gorenko , магистрант
Boris I. Brianskii , candidate of chemical sciences , доцент
Omsk State Pedagogical University , Омская обл

«Исследование иммерсионных процессов в тиомочевинных и роданидных растворах олова и висмута методом релаксации бестокового потенциала медного электрода»

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In the electrotechnical industry transition realized to more eco-friendly lead-free technologies. Special interest here is covering of the surface of copper alloys of tin and bismuth which formed by contact ion reduction of tin and bismuth from the thiourea and the thiocyanate solutions.To study of these processes use the method of a relaxation of the open-circuit potential of the copper electrode updated by a cut directly in the solution, that revealed the formation of intermetallic compounds.