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Географические науки (география, история географии, страноведение, краеведение, геодезия и др.)

Publication date: 18.12.2015
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Zagir V. Ataev , candidate of geographical sciences
FSBEE of HE "Dagestan State Pedagogical University" , Дагестан Респ
Vitalii V. Bratkov , doctor of geographical sciences, professor
FGBOU VO "Moskovskii gosudarstvennyi universitet geodezii i kartografii" , Москва г

«Рельеф как фактор пространственной дифференциации и селитебной освоенности ландшафтов Дагестана»

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The article deals with the distribution of landscape zones of Dagestan in hypsometric marks and the slope angle. The analysis showed that the most diverse conditions characterized Foothill Dagestan, where locations are well represented, as typical of the plains, and for the mountainous part.