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Publication date: 14.06.2023
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Anna A. Kudriavtseva
ФГБОУ ВО «Костромской государственный университет» , Костромская обл


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The article discusses the features of the development of speech communication in children with ASD, supported by practical examples, such as delay or lack of speech; echolalia; stereotypical or repetitive use of language; problems with the social context and understanding of figurative meaning; insufficient use of communicative intentions, which is important for creating individual approaches to the development of effective strategies that contribute to the communicative development of children with ASD.


Publication date: 09.02.2021
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Evgenii L. Libenzon , master's degree student
FSE of HE "Academy of the Prosecutor General’s Office of the Russian Federation” , Москва г

«Issues of Classification of Murder»

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The article examines difficulties which guardians of law and order face during classification of murder, i.e. the classification of attempt of murder of one person and the murder of the other, the combination of finished and unfinished assault. The practical examples are offered. The ways of solving such problems on the examples of accumulated practice and the ways of solving such problems with the help of innovations in the Criminal Code of Russia are illustrated. The practical and historical examples are given.

Парадигмы современной науки (различные направления)

Publication date: 24.11.2017
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Svetlana K. Khachak , candidate of philological sciences
FSBEI of HE “Maykop State Technological University” , Адыгея Респ

«Публицистический характер творчества В. Скотта»

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In this monograph the journalistic works of W. Scott, which are by themselves and in relation to the literary and artistic (non-journalistic) creativity of this author, are an adequate object space for developing humanitarian and philological concepts, including the theoretical and linguistic concepts, such as «substance/essential meaning» are analyzed. The author focuses on complementarities of W. Scott’s social and political journalism and literary images in his heritage, evidenced by the explored material.

Филология и лингвистика

Publication date: 07.09.2016
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Tatyana V. Nazarova , candidate of philological sciences
Institute of Philology and Intercultural Communication FSAEI of HE "Volgograd State University» , Волгоградская обл

«News columns structure in magazines of "Commersant" publishing house»

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The article analyzes the problems and specifics of the genre structure, as well as communication problems of news columns "Money" "Power" and "Spark". The author comes to a conclusion about the potential impact of information interpretation schemes reproduced in magazines.


Publication date: 07.04.2016
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Tatyana Y. Zotova , candidate of pedagogic sciences
Novokuznetsk Institute (branch) of FSBEI of HPE "Kemerovo State University" , Кемеровская обл

«Intentional structure of the pedagogical dispute in the aspect of the formation of professional communicative competence»

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This article considers peculiarities of complex communicative intention of the pedagogical dispute as a professional statement; factors affecting the determination of the communicative intentions of the teacher in the dispute are analyzed on the material of real educational situations.

Филология и лингвистика (русская литература, фольклористика, журналистика, языкознание, прикладная лингвистика и др)

Publication date: 22.01.2016
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Ovsanna S. Grishechko , candidate of psychological sciences
Vladimir A. Maksumov
Philology, journalism and intercultural communication institute FSAEI of HE "Southern Federal University" , Ростовская обл

«Базовые компоненты процесса реконструкции языкового портрета личности»

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The article touches upon fundamental constituents underlying reconstruction of the individual language portrait as per theoretic premises of linguistic personology. The authors analyze the concepts of identity and language portrait as notions of linguistic knowledge, consider the issue of lingual reasoning and individual speech production, single out 5 components of speech portraiture allowing for structural description of linguistic identity.