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Образовательная реформа современной России: социальные ожидания

Publication date: 28.01.2016
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Oleg S. Valuev , аспирант, ассистент кафедры
FSBEI of HE "M.E. Evsevev Mordovia State Pedagogical Institute" , Мордовия Респ

«Детство надо отпускать. Психология метаобразования человека в медийном мире»

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The work is revealed the idea of metaeducation as an educational practice «ontological design» on the basis of the existential approach in philosophy and psychology; the concept of subjective, objective and holistic globalization given by the author of the article; critical analysis of contemporary media-culture, its role in the education of the future, building metaculture and metaworld is characterized; the existential background for development of metaeducation given.