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Publication date: 11.09.2017
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Akbar S. Guseinov , преподаватель, ученый Института Экономики НАНА
Baku State University , Azerbaijan

«Corporate financial policy and financial rules»

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The implementation of a corporate financial policy in order to establish the fiscal discipline and fiscal responsibility ethos, to maintain macroeconomic stability, to provide a confidence environment and predictability in the economy, to achieve a balanced generation distribution of financial burdens and benefits and to realize the sustainability of public finance from on a long-term basis has become increasingly widespread in developing countries. In the widespread implementation of the institutional fiscal policy, public deficits resulting from prosperity / monetary policy, played a major role in the financing of tax and non-tax resources, and the impact and consequences of this explicit financing. In this study basic literature, theoretical, philosophical and intellectual background of budgetary policies has been summarized. The article has also studied and examined financial rule applications.