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Образовательная реформа современной России: социальные ожидания

Publication date: 02.10.2017
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Nina E. Tatarinceva , doctor of pedagogic sciences
Olga G. Lysenko
Academy of Pedagogy and Psychology of FSAEI of HE "Southern Federal University" , Ростовская обл

«Managing the development of teachers' creativity at preschool educational organizations»

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Organizationally-pedagogical conditions are disclosed in this article, which lead to development of pre-school teacher's creativity. Construction of management process based on axiological, subjective, competence environmental approaches specifies development of creative pre-school teacher's abilities. Developing model for the management of pre-school teacher's innovation which consists of special-purpose, instructive, organizationally-pedagogical and productive module, was the basis of teacher's activity for the organization of an effective educational process in nursery school. Management program of the developing process of pre-school teacher's creativity considers individual personality teachers quality and provides generation of pre-school teacher's professional competences. Individual trajectory of creative development contributes to the development of pre-school teacher's creative abilities in nursery school.