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Этнография и историческая антропология

Publication date: 19.12.2017
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Tatiana I. Sharaeva , candidate of historical sciences
FGBUN "Kalmytskii nauchnyi tsentr RAN" , Калмыкия Респ

«The Kalmyks’ ethnic groups: information on zed (зөд) groups»

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Oirats who came to the steppes of the Lower Volga region had a diverse ethnic composition, including Oirat, Turkic and Mongolian by origin groups. Many Turkic ethnic groups of the Sayano-Altai were included in the Oirats in the period of the Dzungarian Khanate. The analysis of materials on the ethnic group in the subethnos of the Kalmyk derbets allows one to draw conclusions about the Turkic origin of the group, which is also preserved in the legend of the ancestor of the genus. Comparative material on the Turkic peoples confirms our conclusions.


Publication date: 10.10.2016
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Eduard A. Sokalsky
FSBEI of HE "Kalmyk State University named after B. B. Gorodovikov" , Калмыкия Респ
Natalia A. Zemlyanskaya
МКОУ «Ketchenery multidisciplinary gymnasium named after H. Kosiev» , Калмыкия Респ
Olga N. Sokolova
FSBEI of HE "Kalmyk State University named after B. B. Gorodovikov" , Калмыкия Респ

«Native Kalmyk language and creative abilities of youth: interconnection and interdependence»

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This article examines the relationship of young people creative potential with the level of mastering the personal native Kalmyk language. The study, which was conducted on the basis of elite and comprehensive secondary schools of the Kalmyk schools (Kalmyks - bilinguals), revealed the title trend: the higher the level of mastery of the native Kalmyk language, the richer creative musical abilities of senior person (instrumental, vocal, dance) in Kalmyk folk music are expressed. These processes are correlated with ethnic and cultural identity of the subjects, high school students. The concept and diagnostic tools of research can be used in other regions of our country, taking into account their specific features.