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Publication date: 17.03.2016
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Aleksey A. Ladnushkin , candidate of engineering sciences
Rustem R. Avhadeev
Rinat R. Sadykov
Rishat M. Hasanov
LLC "Special Engineering Center "Expertiza" , Татарстан Респ

«The suitability and installation of technological equipment when upgrading existing facilities»

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To date, a large number of Russian companies in diverse and various industries, has old equipment and requires modernization of the technological process due to the growth of scientific and technological progress. In order to achieve goals when upgrading is considered such an important aspect as the readiness of the new equipment installation. Mounting hardware suitability describes the suitability and readiness of equipment for efficient Assembly at the user. Replacement of technological equipment requires large volumes of works on installation and dismantling, in the absence of the building has its own lifting mechanisms require large financial and labor costs. One of possible methods for replacement of process equipment is the technology of without crane installation allows us to carry out work in existing space planning. Today is the question of the necessity of development and introduction of new technological production methods and fixtures tooling in which it is possible to conduct installation and dismantling of technological equipment in the operating production process.