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Publication date: 30.01.2018
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Anzhela S. Andrienko , candidate of pedagogical sciences , доцент
Institut upravleniia v ekonomicheskikh, ekologicheskikh i sotsial'nykh sistemakh SP Inzhenerno-tekhnologicheskoi akademii FGAOU VO "Iuzhnyi federal'nyi universitet" , Ростовская обл

«The Development of Reading Competence of Technical Major Students at Higher School in the Process of Language for Specific Purposes Learning»

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The paper emphasizes the relevance of the reader’s competence development at the University by means of English as a Foreign Language as an important component of the formation of communicative professionally oriented competence for the purpose of pursuing long life professional, research and personal growth of graduates at the international level in a global multicultural world. Specificity of forming the readers’ competence of students of technical specialties at the University is analyzed, taking into account the educational levels of the academic space organization at the university. The set of essential approaches: competence, interdisciplinary and personality-oriented in the process of English for Specific Purposes learning is taken into account. The concept of “reading competence” is considered as a valuable component of general professional competence of Higher School students of non-linguistic major. The importance of using Internet technologies as an interactive basis for teaching English for Specific Purposes is accented.