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Publication date: 10.04.2024
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Umidzhon U. Abdurakhmonov , master
Tashkentskii universitet prikladnykh nauk , Uzbekistan

«Mekhanizmy povysheniia intellektual'nogo potentsiala kak predmet filosofskogo analiza»

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The intellectual potential of a society is explained not by the simple sum of individuals who make up its intellectual potential, but by the manifestation of a state of qualitative changes. Any attempt to measure intellectual potential using formulas leads to its consideration as a simple arithmetic sum. As a result of the activity of an individual, the qualitative state of the intellectual potential of society, the realization of its intellectual potential, apparently determine the level of development of society and all its subsystems: economic, ensuring the production of products, satisfying the material needs of people.


Publication date: 14.05.2020
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Aleksandr B. Pertsev , candidate of political sciences , head of faculty
FGMEI "Far East Higher Combined Command Military School named after Soviet Union Marshal K.K. Rokossovsky" , Амурская обл

«Development and Application of Cadets’ Intellectual Potential in the Information Space of a Military School»

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The article reveals modern approaches to ensuring the development of the intellectual potential of cadets and the ability to apply it in military and professional activities.

Юриспруденция (теория и история права и государства, гражданское, уголовное, международное право и др.)

Publication date: 26.02.2018
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Aleksandr V. Nikishkin , candidate of juridical sciences, corresponding member Russian Academy of Natural Sciences , старший преподаватель, подполковник полиции
FSEI of HE "Saint Petersburg University of RF Ministry of Internal Affairs" , Санкт-Петербург г

«Legal system of intellectual property protection in Russia, peculiarities and problems of implementation»

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The article raises issues of intellectual property protection in the Russian Federation as the most important condition of progress in the state's economy, because only a competent state policy in this sphere, provides the growth of inventive and creative activity of the population, which in turn will affect the comprehensive development of society and the state.