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Технические науки

Publication date: 18.05.2018
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Kirill A. Zasukhin
Ilia P. Mikhnev , Honored Worker of Science and Education, candidate of technical sciences, docent , associate professor
Volgograd Institute of Management, branch of FSBEI of HE "Russian Presiden-tial Academy of National Economy and Public Administration (The Presidential Academy, RANEPA)" , Волгоградская обл

«International financial reporting standard: basic concepts (XBRL) of the eXtensible Business Reporting Language»

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This article discusses the basic concepts of an extensible business reporting language (XBRL). The international experience of application, functionality of XBRL is presented and the comparative analysis of realization XBRL by means of the software in the different countries is given.

[08.00.00] Экономические науки

Publication date: 02.03.2018
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Vladimir L. Arutiunian , doctor of economic sciences
M. Kotanyan Institute of Economics National Academy of Science of Armenia , Armenia

«Ways of radical change of the image of tax and customs officers»

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The article discusses the problem concerning some changes in image of tax and customs officers. Tax and customs system is a multifunctional structure, therefore, in order to ensure unified application of the legislation, professional training of staff should be organized by means of guidelines, workshop discussions, qualification trainings and other instruments, which should be attended by the employees of territorial and regional tax and customs authorities. Along with implementation of legislative reforms and application of advanced technologies for increase of confidence in tax system and expansion of capabilities, the role of a professional tax officer is of high importance.


Publication date: 28.09.2016
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Sergey L. Danilchenko , Honored worker of awareness and education of Russian Federation, academician of the RANH, academician RANS, academician of RAMT, doctor of historical sciences, professor , professor, academician of RANS, Russian Academy of Medical Technology, Russian Academy of Natural History, head of Research center of education development
Institut obshchestvennykh nauk i mezhdunarodnykh otnoshenii FGAOU VO "Sevastopol'skii gosudarstvennyi universitet" , Севастополь г

«Формирование системы международно-правовой защиты прав ребенка»

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The system of international protection of children's rights as an integral part of the protection of human rights developed after the Second world war in the framework of the United Nations, one of the fundamental principles of which was the proclamation of respect for the rights and freedoms of the individual without any discrimination. The principle of respect for human rights was enshrined in the UN Charter