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Финансы, денежное обращение и кредит, бюджетная и налоговая политика

Publication date: 25.04.2018
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Aleksei A. Shestemirov , candidate of economic sciences, docent , доцент
Olesia S. Buianova , студентка
Moskovskii gorodskoi universitet upravleniia Pravitel'stva Moskvy , Москва г

«Problems of cadastral valuation of property for tax purposes»

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Until some time in the Russian Federation, all real estate transactions were carried out on the basis of market and inventory value, and from January 1, 2015 a new procedure for calculating property tax was gradually introduced. However, the existing cadastral system of evaluation of real estate often leads to judicial disagreements. It is proposed to introduce the normative value of real estate for tax purposes with a more mobile model of regulation.

Математические методы и информационные технологии в экономике

Publication date: 27.11.2015
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Vitalii L. Iasnitskii , аспирант
FSBEI of HPE "Perm State National Research University" , Пермский край

«Нейросетевое моделирование в задаче массовой оценки жилой недвижимости г. Перми»

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The computer program to predict the market value of residential real estate of the city Perm are developed. The program is based on a neural network trained on the results of the information resources available on the estate. After excluding emissions associated with false information, the average relative error of the results of the neural network prediction was 1.03%. The valuing the input parameters was performed using a neural network model.