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История и обществознание

Publication date: 24.02.2016
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Kirill K. Novikov , ученик 8 «В» класса
MBOU "SSh 25" , Смоленская обл
Anna V. Filatenkova , учитель истории и обществознания
МБОУ «СШ №2» ,

«Если быть, то быть первым!»

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In April 2016 we hold the 55th anniversary of the space age opening. The author of the article dwells upon the topic of unfadabale act of courage of the first astronaut Yuriy Gagarin. The author analyses both: Gagarin’s biography facts and his lifetime dream generation stages, and some out-of-the-way bits of information concerning the space craft pre-launch procedures. The article also informs about The Integrated Memorial Museum on Gagarin’s native soil.