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Publication date: 29.01.2019
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Asmanova Elvira Anvarovna , bachelor , магистрант
Universitet Narkhoz , Kazakhstan

«Regressionnaia otsenka aktsii banka»

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Valuation of shares is important for both the issuer and the investor. Shares are the securities that are most affected by various factors. The market value of shares is influenced by many factors, both external and internal. The specifics of the development of the stock market of the Republic of Kazakhstan shows that many aspects are slightly reflected in the formation of the value of shares. This also applies to shares of banks in particular. As a result, questions arise as to what factors and how much influence the change in the value of shares. The article contains a correlation-regression analysis of the influence of factors on the market value of shares of JSCForteBank. Based on the application of the regression model, conclusions are drawn about the degree of influence of endogenous and exogenous factors on the formation of the market value of bank shares.