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Publication date: 16.05.2020
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Babayan Robert Suren , candidate of technical sciences, docent , associate professor
Asrian Ruzanna Artashes , lecturer
Grigoryan Susanna Abel , lecturer
Шушинский технологический университет , Azerbaijan

«Some Possibilities of Energy Supply of Autonomous Consumers due to Non-Traditional and Renewable Sources»

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The paper provides solutions for energy supply to agricultural consumers remote from energy sources due to non-traditional types of energy, based on patents of the Russian Federation. A scheme of a thermodynamic installation operating according to the Rankine cycle on a low boiling liquid is considered. The circuit uses a capacitor that increases the temperature of the condensate, leading to an increase in the efficiency of the thermodynamic installation. A series of graphs is given, confirming the required amount of heat received for the operation of the installation and a graph of the dependence of the efficiency of the installation on temperature conditions. A graph of solar energy is shown, which feeds per unit of horizontal surface and its integral value for one day. Options for improving the installation using concentrating receivers of solar energy are given. Test schedules for the solar collector module are provided.