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Publication date: 03.08.2020
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Elena V. Suvorova , doctor of psychological sciences , head of department
International Academy of Spiritual Development and Innovative Technologies , Москва г

«A Life-Changing Game»

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The article presents a study of how a game can change a person's life. At the beginning of the article, some variants of the concepts and meanings of the word “game” which are used in the article are provided. The following are examples of how the influence of the game on a person, their mood, emotional state and psyche in general can be studied. The mechanism that affects the consolidation of a new positive experience and the transformation that occurred in the game, is described. The mechanism that is embedded in our body, in physiology, is based on the production of hormones. It is through evaluating and observing the emotional state of the participants in the game that we can see how the game changes not only the emotional state of the participants, but also strengthens their resilience. Changes their very lives.