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Publication date: 09.07.2021
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Danilchenko Sergey Leonidovich , Honored worker of awareness and education of Russian Federation, academician of the RANH, academician RANS, academician of RAMT, doctor of historical sciences, professor , professor, academician of RANS, Russian Academy of Medical Technology, Russian Academy of Natural History, head of Research center of education development
Institut obshchestvennykh nauk i mezhdunarodnykh otnoshenii FGAOU VO "Sevastopol'skii gosudarstvennyi universitet" , Севастополь г

«Staffing of educational organizations in the Russian Federation: federal and regional aspects»

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Fundamental approach to the study of academic disciplines, fostering respect for the national history, the state language and pedagogical traditions, the personality of the teacher and the child; awareness of the responsibility and importance of Russian education, taking into account advanced ideas and requests of society. The fundamental nature of training in Russian education has always been combined with high requirements for the educational mission of teaching staff.