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Publication date: 07.09.2021
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Audrius Kubiliunas , bachelor , student
Audrone L. Dumchene , doctor of sociological sciences, doctor of pedagogical sciences , professor
Lithuanian Sports University , Lithuania

«Peculiarities of Employees' Psychosocial Adaptation in a Sports Organization»

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This research aimed to investigate the peculiarities of the psychosocial adaptation of managers and coaches in a sports organization. The study involved 22 mangers and 30 coaches (32 men and 20 women). Roger's and Dymond's questionnaire was used in the study. According to the results of the study, managers had significantly (p <.05) higher estimates of the adaptation, self-acceptance, internality and tendency to dominate than coaches. No significant differences were found between estimates of components as acceptance of others, emotional comfort, tendency to deception and avoiding problems.