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Publication date: 29.05.2022
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Nikolai A. Savotkin , Honorary Worker of Education , ветеран педагогического труда
нет , Мурманская обл

«Conditions, Problems of Human Development, His Health»

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The paper deals with the development and health of a person as part of a living world and on the basis of its laws. Dependences of the level of development on the intensity and variety of activities are considered. The concepts of the environment, morality, and others are introduced, which make it possible to determine the role of morality in the development of man and mankind. It is shown that health is determined by the necessary and sufficient compliance with the environment. It is possible to save it with changes in the environment if the intensity of activity for the present time corresponds to the predicted rigidity of the environment of the future. The conditions for full health and life expectancy are determined. One of the conditions is the activity in the development zone. The connection between the development of mankind and its morality is established. The death of mankind during the development of a capitalist society, a consumer society, has been proven.