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Publication date: 07.06.2022
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Chzhibin Khuan , студент
Anna V. Mitrofanova , master , аспирант
FSAEI of HE «Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia» , Москва г

«Prospects for obtaining perovskite-like compounds with the Dion-Jacobson structure and the influence of precursors on their phase formation, structure, and properties»

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Layered perovskites, including the Dion-Jacobson phases, are of interest to researchers due to a wide range of revealed properties. Among them there are compounds with high photocatalytic activity, ionic conductors, ferroelectrics, piezoelectrics, ferroelectrics and luminophores, as well as materials with unique magnetic properties. However, the properties of these materials largely depend on the method of synthesis and the precursors used, so the study of the possibility of obtaining layered perovskite-like compounds of various compositions remains relevant. The purpose of this work is to study various literature sources, to identify the possibility and methods for obtaining pure phases with the Dion-Jacobson structure, to consider the areas of application of these compounds, and to establish prospects for further research.