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Publication date: 26.09.2022
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Tat'iana S. Nikolaeva
FSBEI of HE “I.N. Ulianov Chuvash State University” , Чувашская Республика - Чувашия

«Security of personal data in social networks»

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This article focuses on the security of personal data in social networks. In modern society, almost each of us is registered in at least one social network, where we communicate and exchange information with each other. However, there are significant risks and dangers, since the personal data of many people can be stolen. The style of openness and spontaneity that is characteristic of communication in social networks can often be used by detractors or criminals. In this article, the problems associated with the security of personal data of users of social networks were considered, and an analysis was made of ways to protect personal data in social networks. The article also points out exactly how users of social networks on their own, without resorting to anyone else's help, can ensure the security of their personal data and warn them against leakage and theft.