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Психология развития

Publication date: 30.11.2021
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Irina A. Mikhailova
FSBEI of HE "Tula State Lev Tolstoy Pedagogical University" , Тульская обл


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This article considers the process of socialization of modern junior schoolchildren. The main problem is the use of interactive games by primary school teachers and psychologist teachers aimed at socializing younger schoolchildren. The article offers recommendations for primary school teachers and teacher-psychologists to manage this process. As a result of following these recommendations, the process of socialization of younger students using interactive games will become more systematic and effective.

Инновационные подходы организации учебной деятельности

Publication date: 04.01.2018
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Svetlana N. Zhdanova , doctor of pedagogic sciences , professor
FSBEI of HE "Gzhel State University" , Московская обл
Aleksandra A. Chirkova
FSEI of HE "Orenburg State Pedagogical University" , Оренбургская обл

«Роль интерактивных игр в развитии созидательной деятельности подростка»

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The article examines the phenomenon of interactive games in development of the creative activity of teenagers. The philosophical and pedagogical view on the transformation of the game as an interactive tool in the information society, emphasizing its relevance. In the analysis of interconnected concepts, the essence and content of creative activity are revealed, deriving the concept of the "creative position of a teenager".

Общее направление

Publication date: 01.09.2016
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Olga V. Burachevskaya
Multi-field Humanitarian Institution "Center of Innovative Education and Development "LOGOS" , Belarus

«Interactive tools and techniques of formation the lexical and grammatical aspects of speech in children with impaired speech development»

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This article describes the information and communication technology as a means of correction and development work. It illuminates interactive techniques and methods of work with preschool and early school age children. The author describes the interactive games aimed to the development of lexical and grammatical speech database.