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Publication date: 08.07.2016
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Nina A. Mezdrina
Ekaterina V. Zhdanova , doctor of medical sciences
FBEI of HE "Tumen State Medical University" of Public Healthcare Service of Russia , Тюменская обл

«Особенности течения язвенной болезни у ветеранов боевых действий, проходивших службу в Афганистане и Чечне»

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: The group of patients of Kurgan regional hospital of veterans of wars with a peptic ulcer of a stomach and a duodenum, which part participants of the modern military operations were, is investigated. Influence of various pathogenic factors in formation of a peptic ulcer at veterans is studied. It is established that the acute psychoemotional stress play the leading role in formation of ulcerogenic process at veterans of Afghanistan.