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Проблемы Всеобщей истории

Publication date: 05.01.2017
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Smirnova Olga Alekseevna , candidate of historical sciences , доцент, профессор
SFEI of HE "L. Rostrapovich and M. Rostrapovich Orenburg State Institute of Arts" , Оренбургская обл

«The experience of the analysis of commercial negativism origin in the system of traditional cultures presented in M.I. Kulisher's historical and geographical researchers»

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The article is devoted to the commercial nature of negativity thet existed in traditional societies, as well as the review of the experience of the analysis of the oriqins jf this phenomenon, which was undertaken in the 1870s KuLisher Mikhail Ivanovich (1847-1919) - Russian ethnoqrapher, Historian of primitive society

Психологические аспекты педагогической деятельности

Publication date: 13.02.2017
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Smagina Mariia Viktorovna , candidate of sociological sciences , доцент
Kuzubova Iuliia Sergeevna , магистрант
SBEI of HE "Stavropol State Pedagogical Institute" , Ставропольский край

«Проблемы эмоционального выгорания педагогов»

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В исследуемой статье авторами представлены основные теоретические аспекты относительно проблемы эмоционального «выгорания» педагогов. Рассмотрены основные причины вызывающие данный синдром и пути его преодоления.

Коррекционная педагогика, дефектология

Publication date: 21.07.2016
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Chijova Marina Sergeevna , библиотекарь
Kukushkina Elena Valentinovna , логопед
FSBEI of HE "Moscow State University of Psychology and Education" , Москва г

«From common work experience of a librarian and a speech therapist in a short stay group for children with ASD»

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This article examines the collaboration of a librarian and a speech therapist in short stay groups for children with ASD. Work objectives are to introduce children to social and moral norms through telling fairy-tales together with solving the tasks of speech therapy. The authors described the preparation and training technology.