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Publication date: 12.09.2016
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Nabiev Valery Sharifyanovich , candidate of pedagogical sciences , доцент
Dyakonova Olga Olegovna , старший преподаватель
Istomina Anna Anatolyevna , ассистент
Pankratova Olga Gennadyevna , ассистент
FSBEI of HE "I.N. Ulyanov Ulyanovsk State Pedagogical University" , Ульяновская обл

«Activity content of holistic educational process subjects: the target component and regulatory requirements»

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The article presents the author's bases of pedagogical support of the educational process in a liberal arts college on the basis of competence approach. There are regarded the actual questions of substantive content fulfillment of the activity of subjects of a holistic educational process in the context of target and task to-determination.