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Publication date: 14.09.2016
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Svetlana B. Vereshchak , candidate of jurisprudence sciences , associate professor, head of the Department
Olga A. Ivanova , candidate of jurisprudence sciences
FSBEI of HE “I.N. Ulianov Chuvash State University” , Чувашская Республика - Чувашия

«Problems of legal regulation of credit organizations employees' work and the ways for their solution»

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Legal and organizational aspects of regulation of work of employees (serving) banks and other credit organizations are considered. Specifics of activity of banks and other credit organizations attract need of improvement of the legislation governing the labor relations in this sphere for the purpose of reduction in compliance of established practices and standard legal support. Problems of absence of unity of terminology in the legal acts which are the cornerstone of regulation of work of employees of banks come to light; features of work of bank workers that doesn't allow to provide full protection of their labor law aren't defined; the set of shortcomings of system of compensation in the bank sphere takes place. Conclusions about need of improvement of the existing labor and banking legislation, and also local legal acts of banks for the sphere of the organization of work and its payment are drawn. Elimination of the revealed shortcomings, according to authors, will allow to strengthen legal guarantees of work of employees of banks.