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Publication date: 29.09.2016
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Andrey V. Bezgodov , candidate of agricultural sciences
FSBMI "the Ural Research Agricultural Institute" , Свердловская обл
Alexey N. Kovalev
"Agross" LLC , Свердловская обл
Ilya N. Kokovin
"Start" LLC , Свердловская обл

«Field information of spring-planted rape herbicidal defense with preparations of Ltd. "FMRus" in LLC "Start»

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In field experiments it was tasked to pick an effective system oto protect of spring rape crops from weeds, allowing to receive stable high productivity from commodity rapeseeds. Evaluation of productivity and suitability for the cultivation of oilseeds on commodity and seeds in the region of the Middle Urals in nine cases of intensification of the use of plant protection products in order to evaluate and use in a production environment. It was found that the studied drugs have unequal impact on the growth and development of plants and yield formation.