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Культурология и искусствоведение

Publication date: 06.10.2016
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Munodjat Yulchieva , доцент, заведующая кафедрой, народная артистка Республики Узбекистан
State Conservatory of Uzbekistan , Uzbekistan

«Shashmaqom as musical treasure-box of Uzbekistan»

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The author studied shashmakom bases by different methods, internally associated with each other: empiric and theoretical ones. The first way of becoming of canons came, foremost, from the practical tasks of one or another musical constructions, compositions and scale vaults creation. An initial step in the plan of musical systematization was authentication of withstand in practice melodious and rhythmic models. The deep founding of similar organizations essence certainly makes the realization of musical beginning units.

Организация воспитательно-образовательного процесса в ДОУ

Publication date: 02.11.2021
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Victoria V. Moiseeva , преподаватель, руководитель вокальных ансамблей, концертмейстер
MBEI PCE "Oktyabrsk CMS" of Krasnogvardeysk region of the Crimea Republic , Крым Респ

««Воспитательно-образовательные возможности авторской песни на примере песни В.Моисеевой "О Войне" и песни "Гурзуф" из цикла песен В. Моисеевой «Крымские Арабески»»»

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Today there is an acute problem of educating the creative potential of the younger generations, their artistic taste, preferences. Among the goals and objectives of education - the formation of artistic thinking (and as a variety - musical thinking) is very relevant. Therefore, the article considers some problems of the development of creative activity as the basis of artistic and musical thinking. Based on the study of the methodology of working on songs, it is necessary to determine the effectiveness of the influence of the author's song for voice and piano accompaniment on the formation of holistic ideas about the surrounding nature, the social environment of the cities of Crimea, the place of a person in it, self-esteem, the harmonious manifestation of patriotic feelings. Creation and testing of a song cycle as an accompanying material in solving the tasks of the regional component in education.