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«Interactive science». Issue 4
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Publication date: 08.06.2016
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Kulik Viktor Ivanovich , candidate of technical sciences, docent , доцент
Kulik Ivan Viktorovich , candidate of economic sciences, docent , доцент, заместитель декана
FSEI of HE “Pacific State University” , Хабаровский край

«On the oscillatory motion of a celestial body, time, speed, and the forces acting on a body moving along the solar system orbit»

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The article aims to consider the reason why a celestial body moves along the solar system orbit and the features of this movement. Moreover, the paper discovers those potential energy systems, which manage the movement of a celestial body. Critical parameters’ changes of a celestial body rotating around the Center are graphically represented. All the parameters in algebraic expressions are considered to be dependent from each other and, primarily, from the proximity of «radius-vector» of a celestial body place and the focus of an elliptic orbit.