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Publication date: 14.10.2016
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Vakhob A. Rafikov , candidate of engineering sciences
Khirojilla L. Rakhmatullaev , candidate of geological and mineralogical sciences
Seismology Institute of the Academy of Sciences , Uzbekistan

«Compendium problems of trans-boundary water quota allocation in Central Asia»

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Trans-boundary waters are divisible resources and their quota allocation is essential to streamline water supply in basin states. The authors investigated water bodies in the part of Central Asia covered with basins of major rivers such as the Amudarya and Syrdarya. This topic is also important for the entire subcontinent as well as historical aspect of water supply


Publication date: 02.09.2016
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Aleksey L. Chibirov A.L. , candidate of historical sciences
FSBSI "North Ossetian Institute of Humanitarian and Social Studies named after V.I. Abaev VSC RAS & RNO - A" , Северная Осетия - Алания Респ

«Once again about a historiography of the Alans-Ossetians»

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In recent years in the North Caucasus there is a tendency to review the question of ethnogenesis and the past of the Ossetian people. Attempts to falsify history have always existed and the prerequisites for this were very different. Basically it is is stipulated by the current political situation, which requires the corresponding mythological support. Modern falsifiers of history unnecessarily politicize the issue of linguistic and cultural heritage of the Alans while trying to erase more than two centuries of historiography problems.

Культурология и искусствоведение

Publication date: 09.09.2016
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Yiqun Jiang
FSBEI of HE "Saint-Petersburg State Institute of Culture" , Санкт-Петербург г

«Development of modern folk and instrumental ensembles in China»

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In the XX century the influence of traditional musical forms is becoming more diverse, in particular, the use of multimedia art forms. The Chinese as well as Western traditions and Ensemble Performance has undergone many changes, mutated forms of a combination of instruments, a creative approach to music, gradually breaking geographical boundaries, began to develop in the direction of further integration. In modern Chinese folk ensemble there is a combination of various Chinese folk instruments.

Publication date: 06.10.2016
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Munodjat Yulchieva
State Conservatory of Uzbekistan , Uzbekistan

«Shashmaqom as musical treasure-box of Uzbekistan»

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The author studied shashmakom bases by different methods, internally associated with each other: empiric and theoretical ones. The first way of becoming of canons came, foremost, from the practical tasks of one or another musical constructions, compositions and scale vaults creation. An initial step in the plan of musical systematization was authentication of withstand in practice melodious and rhythmic models. The deep founding of similar organizations essence certainly makes the realization of musical beginning units.


Publication date: 28.09.2016
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Gerygenh A. Zakaryan
FSBEI of HE "Moscow State Medical and Dental University named after A.I. Evdokimov" , Москва г

«Protective sports mouthguard. Modern materials and manufacturing methods»

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Injuries during going in for sports remain a serious problem for the sports medicine and sports dentistry, in particular. In modern domestic stomatology during manufacturing of customized sports mouthguards the specialists try to use practical data obtained from the experimental studies. The aim of the experiments is to determine the optimal strength and functionality of finished products. For the production of individual splints it is necessary to take into the account various geometric parameters of the working model, based on which the necessary material is selected and the thickness of the future product is determined. The article describes the latest methods of making protective athletic mouthguards, including with the help of modern CAD/CAM systems.


Publication date: 28.09.2016
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Victoria V. Dudko
Vera Y. Potapova , associate professor
SAI of APE "Primorsky Regional Institute of Education Development" , Приморский край

«Organizational and pedagogical conditions of training teachers in Primorye in the area of ICT»

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The article presents the organizational and pedagogical conditions of additional professional programs realization to improve teacher's training in information and communication technologies. Based on many years of practical experience their effectiveness is proved.

Publication date: 12.09.2016
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Svetlana A. Neymysheva
Nadezjda F. Kovaleva
FSBEI of HE (branch) "the Ural State University of Railway Transport" , Свердловская обл

«The use of interactive technologies for knowledge control»

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Modern information and interactive technology, software control are diverse and should be aimed at improving the quality of students' learning. One of the promising directions is online testing. Test base permits to evaluate students' knowledge at three levels, according to the official website of the test base The systematic control of knowledge and skills of students is one of the main conditions for improving the quality of education.

Publication date: 06.10.2016
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Oleg N. Popenkov , Honorary academician of the European Academy of Natural Sciences, candidate of historical sciences , research professor, arabist-orientalist
FSOMEI of HE "Military University" of the Ministry of Defense of Russian Federation , Москва г

«Psycho-pedagogical aspects of formation of professional readiness of arabists – orientalists at the university»

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The article is devoted to psychological and pedagogical aspects of formation of Arabic studies students’ readiness to their future professional activity; modern requirements to level of arabists-orientalists training and professional qualities formation among the arabists.


Publication date: 20.09.2016
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Andrej E. Zavyalov , candidate of sociological sciences
Institute of Psychology, Sociology and Social Relations FBEI of HE "Moscow City Pedagogical University" , Москва г
Vladimir I. Levashov , doctor of sociological sciences
ANEI of HE "Odintsovo State Humanitarian University" , Московская обл

«Health of Russian people. Challenges and problems»

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The article analyzes the state of health of the youth, as well as problems associated with the state of adolescent health, the analysis of the self-assessment of health status and motivation for a healthy, developing self-protective behavior. Given the statistics of diseases.

Publication date: 13.09.2016
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Vyacheslav A. Ermakov , candidate of philosophical sciences , associate professor
FSBEI of HE "Plekhanov Russian University of Economics" , Москва г
Gennady T. Juravlev , doctor of economic sciences, doctor of philosophical sciences
ANBI of HE "Russian Business Academy" , Москва г
Elena V. Kovalevskaya , candidate of sociological sciences
FSBEI of HE “Moscow State university of Railway Engineering”, Russia, Mos-cow. , Москва г

«Analyses of students' activity in the Internet social networks»

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The article focuses on the empirical study of students' behavior in social networks; the study was conducted by statistical data analysis methods obtained by interviewing students.

Publication date: 05.10.2016
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Alexey P. Morozov
Dmitry P. Morozov
Valery D. Panachev , doctor of sociological sciences , professor, head of chair, member of the Russian Academy of Natural Study, International Academy of Pedagogical Education
FSBEI of HE "Perm National Research Polytechnic University" , Пермский край

«Shaping to socialization of personalities student with limited life possibility facility physical culture»

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In given article analysed and called on experimental given with use the adaptive physical culture and sport in group student-invalid CCP for their socializations and developments motor quality. The subject of the study is a process of the shaping to socializations and adaptation student with limited life possibility in educational path of the high school physical culture facility and sport. The purpose given work was an opening the potential to atheletic gifts such student on occupation of the adaptive physical culture and sport. The methods were shown analysis of the literary sources, methods of the undertaking occupation with student with limited life possibility, monitoring the condition of their health, physical preparedness and mastering available sports, analysis got result.

Технические науки

Publication date: 30.09.2016
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Vladimir A. Eliseev , doctor of engineering sciences , professor, chief research scientist
CJSC "Institute of Innovation and Technology Management" , Москва г

«Directions of development of satellite monitoring of railway transport»

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The article reviews the purpose and tasks of satellite monitoring of railway transport, reveals the development of global satellite navigation systems of the US, Russia, EU and China – space and user segments; of ground telecommunications satellite systems – control segments of GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and Beidou; domestic developments in satellite technology. Considering techno-economic and socio-humanitarian perspective, as well as the geopolitical nature of satellite monitoring, it is recommended, firstly, to expand significantly the range of user’s equipment GLONASS, to improve its technical level and quality, and secondly, while choosing the satellite constellation to support domestic technological development.

Publication date: 22.09.2016
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Sergey S. Gusev
FSBIS Institute of Management Problems named after V.A. Trapeznikov RAS , Москва г

«The role of information technology in the control of complex system»

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Information technology in modern world play a considerable and maybe a major role in the control of complex systems. Information technology provide the possibility of active human participation in the development of important physical processes, phenomenon, events, which allow to use them in control theory of complex systems.


Publication date: 03.10.2016
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Denis V. Fomin
FSBEI of HE "Amur State University" , Амурская обл

«Extension of applicability of the crystal structures compact matrix description method by M.S. Sychev»

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A lot of modern research devoted to the creation and study of compounds present in the condensed state. In this regard, development and improvement of methods of description of crystalline structures are actual. To describe the crystal structure and the calculation of its key parameters is developed and continue to develop special techniques. Among them is the method of compact description of the crystal lattice proposed in Ph. D. Sychev M. S. The article seeks to study the applicability of these methods to crystals of hexagonal crystal structure and a method of solving this problem.


Publication date: 31.08.2016
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Alena I. Medvedeva
Svetlana A. Kosharnaya , doctor of philological sciences
FSAEI of HE "Belgorod State National Research University" , Белгородская обл

«Household vocabulary in the belgorod dialects»

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The aim of this work is a thematic classification and semantic features of the dialectal vocabulary of the Belgorod region, the nominating utensils, on the basis of contextual analysis of the words included in this volume group, and statistical analysis of clusters. The article presents the preliminary results of the subgroup analysis indicated vocabulary, and draw conclusions about the directions of further research.

Publication date: 15.09.2016
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Olga A. Bezmaternykh
Tatyana Y. Ma , doctor of philological sciences
FSBEI of HE "Amur State University" , Амурская обл

«Emotives «fear» and «terror» in short stories by E.A. Poe»

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Short stories by A. Poe which include emotive words «fear» and «terror” are analyzed. These words predominate among emotive words and are viewed as key words which allow the reader to penetrate into the idea of each story and come to the conclusion that all of them are built around the theme of fear and terror as a key concept.

Publication date: 12.10.2016
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Vladimir G. Lyadsky
Lomonosov Moscow State University , Москва г

«Translation of novels by Georges Simenon as a form of dialogue between cultures»

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This article examines the literary translation as a normative value system of contacting cultures, reveals its intercultural and communicative functions. The role and place of literary translation as one of the most important tools for building relationships in the international community is defined. This problem is solved by the example of the translation of novels by the French writer J. Simenon in the Russian language. The author of the article analyzes the errors made in the translation and reveales their negative role in the dialogue of cultures.

Publication date: 06.09.2016
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Alexander S. Aleynik
Svetlana A. Kosharnaya , doctor of philological sciences
FSAEI of HE "Belgorod State National Research University" , Белгородская обл

«Agricultural vocabulary in the Belgorod dialects»

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The aim of this work is a thematic classification of the agricultural vocabulary in Belgorod dialects and the identification of systemic relations within thematic subgroups. In addition, the system description allows you to identify the facts of borrowing and thus to characterize the specificity of the Belgorod border dialects as dialects of the Ukrainian language.


Publication date: 30.09.2016
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Nurmira K. Karasheva
Osh State University , Kyrgyzstan

«Structure of existence and development of the company»

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In this paper, using the method of conditionality attempt to study the laws of development of human society. It was concluded that in any case the spiritual conditions in contrast to the material have an indirect impact on society, and the number of mediating factors can make certain adjustments to certain aspects of the information transmitted.


Publication date: 21.09.2016
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Alena Y. Kovalchuk
FSBEI of HE "South Ural State Humanitarian and Pedagogical University" , Челябинская обл

«Ecological and economical balance of the area of Auliekol district of the Republic of Kazakhstan and its natural protection»

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The relevance of the work due to the need to assess areas of Auliekol district to identify land with a low coefficient of natural protection areas. The purpose of the work is to evaluate ecological and economic balance of Auliekol district of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The author applied a method of assessment of environmental and economic balance taking into account the anthropogenic load. To study the state of the object on a regional scale choice as the basis of analysis of the structure of land seems the most adequate, since it is a device of land use objectively reflects the current state of industrial, agricultural, and recreational impacts. The complex assessment of ekologo-economic balance of the territory of Auliekol area ratio of the major categories of land use, taking into account the intensity of anthropogenic load. Coefficient of natural protected areas and analyzed emerging trends in the changing ecological and economic condition. The calculations show that the status of the research area at the moment in General, can be defined as moderately transformed, but clearly there is a tendency the increase of negative phenomena – is the increment of the land subjected to anthropogenic impact

Publication date: 12.10.2016
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Jamshid A. Peremkulov
Institute of History of the National University of Uzbekistan , Uzbekistan

«Questions of improvement of ecological situation in the industrial cities of the Tashkent region»

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The article analyzes ecological reforms of Uzbekistan’s industrial towns, especially towns of Tashkent region, during the years of Independence. The analysis shows the improvement of ecological balance, as a result of governmental arrangements undertaken for solving the ecological problems in the town. The article demonstrates the abatement of industrial pollution as a result of re-organizing industrial factories by investments. The statistical data shows the reduction of air pollution by deleterious waste in the town, which was caused by the effect of industrial plants reorganization that phase down during the first years of Independence, as a joint venture and technical and technological re-equipment of them. The ecological state of each industrial town is analyzed separately in the article. The author uses governmental decrees, periodicals, documents of town hall, archive data, as well newspapers and magazines that show eco-environment of the republic.


Publication date: 26.09.2016
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Anatoliy V. Kolesnikov , candidate of economic sciences
FSBEI of HE "Plekhanov Russian University of Economics" , Москва г

«Corporate culture in a management system»

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In this article contains material illustrating results of influence of a corporate culture on the process of management decisions acceptance for routine operational daily work is provided to the companies, methods and methods of business development, on motivation of the main stekholder. An objective is decided through the analysis of management systems in logic of the Mckinsey 7S model. The author, on the basis of F. Harris and R. Moeran's approach considered features of impact of a corporate culture on a management system of the leading Russian companies.