Monthly international scientific journal
«Interactive science»
Issue 12 (22)

Executive secretary
Semenova Svetlana Yuryevna
publishing editor

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Monthly international scientific journal «Interactive science»
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Our Center publishes authors researches ina monthly international scientific journal on a periodic basis. You are welcome to publish your work ininternational scientific journal «Interactive science»

A common theme of the journal gives more opportunities for participants, who study modern ways of education and science development.

Authors researches in different areas of scientific knowledge can be published ina monthly international scientific journal.

Control dates

Material reception - to 30.11.2017 (inclusive)
Payment of the registration fee - to 06.12.2017 (inclusive)
Electronic variant of journal - to 20.12.2017 (inclusive)
Sending of printed journals to authors - to 31.12.2017 (inclusive)