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Publication date: 17.05.2018
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Bakyt A. Kozhakhmetova , учитель истории и географии
Regional Multidisciplinary Secondary Boarding School for gifted children , Kazakhstan

«About the problems of ecology of Pavlodar region»

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The article deals with the ecological problems of the Pavlodar-Irtysh Priirtyshye. For a long time, it was believed that the Pavlodar region in terms of pollution is not a problem region. Recently, ecologists of the region have been alarmed by the fact that in the short period, since the 1990s, the region has become a leader in the level of air pollution. Today, in terms of pollution level, the Pavlodar region takes the third place in the republic. One of the causes of pollution of the environment is the rapid development of industry. As a part of ecological support, our students, like many other residents of the Pavlodar region, are involved in cleaning up their native city and the Irtysh floodplain, as a favorable habitat is an important part of life and health of people.