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«Interactive science». Issue 4 (38)


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Khaidarova Diana Руслановна , студентка
Kameneva Irina Viktorovna , candidate of pedagogical sciences , доцент
FSAEI of HE "Northern (Arctic) Federal University named after M.V. Lomonosov" , Архангельская обл

«Выявление устойчивости в следовании игровому правилу в условиях сюжетно-ролевой игры старших дошкольников»


Publication date: 12.03.2019
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Tretiak Elina Valerievna , candidate of psychological sciences , ведущий психолог
АНО «ЦСПС «Цель»» , Москва г

«The project of comprehensive rehabilitation services to persons dependent on narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances and alcohol»

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Issues related to the prevention of chemical dependence are presented in the article. This article provides the results of the development of the project on the organization of comprehensive rehabilitation services for chemically dependent people, which is based on a comprehensive program of medical, psycho-social assistance to people dependent on drugs, psychotropic substances and alcohol. The basic blocks of the program, including tasks and forms of work for each of the blocks are described.


Publication date: 12.03.2019
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Bobyleva Mariia Vadimovna , bachelor , магистрант
FSAEI of HE “St. Petersburg National Research University of Informational Technologies, Mechanics and Optics" , Санкт-Петербург г

«The role of intracorporate communications in the personnel management system of the organization»

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The paper considers the influence of intracorporate communications on the organization's personnel management system. Internal corporate communications are one of the most important factors that directly affect the productivity and motivation in a company. The formation and improvement of the internal communications system and the correct usage of internal communication tools in the company's personnel management activities allow to achieve high efficiency and help build a strong HR brand.